The Saskatoon Community of Mindful Living
Celebrating Connection, May 10-13, 2012

The quality of our personal, social, and spiritual lives is the quality of our awareness of connection. Spiritual practice is about opening to connectedness, with ourselves, others, nature, the ultimate. It's there. Lets touch it. Let's celebrate it.

Lay Teacher: Rowan Conrad

Rowan received teacher transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh in 2004. He has worked as a counselor, psychology professor, and a Peace Corps chemistry teacher. He practices with one of the longest existing Thich Nhat Hanh sanghas in North America (in Missoula, Montana) and works to bring mindfulness practice to prisoners.

Residential Retreat at Ancient Spirals Retreat Centre

Ancient Spirals is located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, a 15 minute drive south of Saskatoon. Suitable for beginning and experienced students of meditation, our practice will include sitting and walking meditation, mindful eating, Dharma talks, Dharma discussion, and noble silence. Check in Thursday at 6pm, Departure, Sunday 4pm.

Registration and Cost

A $50 deposit received by April 30th will secure your place at the retreat. The total cost is $190; full payment is due at check in on May 10th. The retreat cost includes vegetarian meals and simple, shared lodging and covers only our expenses in holding the retreat; our retreat leader does not charge for his teachings. Following tradition, there will be an opportunity to support the teacher by way of a donation (dana).

To reserve your place, submit a completed registration form to the Saskatoon Community of Mindful Living, 422 10th Street East, Saskatoon SK S7N 0C9.

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This retreat is organized by the Saskatoon Community of Mindful Living